21 May, 2011

You Must Follow Your Dreams

Daringly journey wherever they lead.

Do not be dismayed by any dastardly deed.

Shelter them; nourish them; help them grow.

Cherish them deep in the heart of hearts that you alone know.

Follow your dreams, Chase them with rigor.

Dreams are too precious for anything but vigor.

Be courageous; be loyal all day and all night

Refuse to give up; fight the good fight.

When the battle is raging and all may be lost,

Bear every burden and pay any cost!

Disregard worry and weariness; never give in!

To betray your dreams is the ultimate sin.

This bitter truth, has been well said,

“We are bound for the grave when our dreams are dead.”

Though you may be scorned or covered with scars,

Keep moving forward and reach for the stars.

The fire in your heart will incinerate doubt.

Whatever it takes, don’t let it go out!

For only the dreams you most ardently pursue

Those dreams alone will someday come true.

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