14 January, 2018

An American's Creed

I believe in America’s Constitutional Republic
As an instrument for responsible governance  
Of all the people,
By representatives of the people,
For the good of all the people.

Whose just powers derive solely 
From the consent of the governed;
That exists to secure the inherent rights of all citizens;
With equal privileges, immunities, and protections of law,
For all and malice toward none.

I believe this Republic is one and indivisible;
Established upon the principles
Of liberty, equality, equity, and liberality
To which all authentically patriotic Americans
Commit their Lives, their Fortunes, and their Sacred Honor.

Furthermore, I believe it is my duty
To this hallowed Republic to love it,
Support its Constitution,
Champion its ideals,
And further their realization.

Also, to preserve, protect, and defend it 
Against all enemies whether they be foreign or domestic.
In public office, executive suites, armed gangs, or fanatical sects,
And all people betraying or threatening this Constitutional Republic
Are personal adversaries, who I am honor bound to oppose!

 R. Lawrence Conley
13 January 2018


04 January, 2018

Two Out of Three Is Bad!

Speaker of the House:

The Constitution lists three actions that amount to treason: [1] “levying war against” the United States, or [2] “adhering to their enemies,” or [3] “giving them aid and comfort.” The attacks on the “Deep State” DOJ, FBI, CIA, or Statement Department surely gives aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States. Denying, ignoring, and ridiculing the active measures cyber attacks on the 2016 election process strongly resembles adherence to enemies of the United States. In this case, two out of three is unquestionably bad!

    The preceding treachery has come from the current administration, but it is awakening echoes in some Republican Congress Members. For example, Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan – members of the House Serfdom Caucus – have attacked the FBI, the Mueller Investigation, and now are calling for the removal or resignation of AG, Sessions. The latter call is probably to allow the installation of an AG who can shut down the Mueller Investigation. Such a patent development amounts to giving aid and comfort to enemies of the United States.

    My request to you: Tell members of the House Republican Majority to promptly cease and permanently desist from undermining and maligning the DOJ, FBI, and the Mueller Investigation. Secondly, send a stern, unequivocal, and clear message to the administration that they too should knock off any and all of this despicable behavior.

    I am a veteran of the Vietnam War, not merely the V W era. I put my life on the line for this country, and I ask you to stand up for the Constitution of the United States and the rule of law. Let the Mueller Investigation proceed to its full and ultimate end. Let the truth come out and appropriate action taken whatever that may eventually prove to be! Let it remain true that treason against the United States, whether it be of the first, second, or third variety, does not prosper!

Larry Conley
04 January 2018

03 January, 2018

Musings on a New Yea

Once again, the year has turned
Now we ponder bridges built and bridges burned.
Day by day in the year that’s passed,
Did we do our best from the beginning until the last?

When looking at others did we strive to see,
The very best that they could be?
Then, did we help them as we could,
So, they might do abundant good?

As we went on and lived our life,
Did we promote peace and tamp down strife?
No matter what good or ill came our way,
Did we let our outlook rule the day?

As seasons came and seasons went,
Did we refuse to whine, wail, and lament?
Was it foremost in our mind,
To above, all be genuine and kind?

The world may be a harsh and heartless place,
But did we summon healing grace?
Despite opposition and obstacles to our plan,
Did we do well by every woman and man? 

Now in this sparkling New Year,
Let us make a vow and say it clear:
Come what may we will endeavor
To be the best we have yet been – ever!

23 December, 2017

You're a Miscreant, Mr. tRump

You're a miscreant, Mr. tRump
You truly are quite vile,
You have the honor of a traitor and are known as ‘Don the Con’.
You're a rotten malefactor Mr. tRump, with a smarmy, sneaky smile!

You’re a predator, Mr. tRump, you’re a greedy, grasping troll
Your heart's a broken tool,
Your mind seethes with malice; you got evil in your soul, Mr. tRump,
I wouldn't call you anything but a steaming pile of stool!

You're a foul one, Mr. tRump,
You're a nasty, rabid mutt,
Your heart is full of jagged rocks, Mr. tRump,
Your soul is in a rut!

You're a foul one, Mr. tRump,
You have madness in your look,
You lack noble motives; you’re scheming all the while, Mr. tRump.

You time is ending, Mr. tRump, you’re a creepy, cranky, crook!

21 December, 2017

Let Americans Be Americans Once Again


Let Americans be Americans again.
Let us dream once more the dream that made us see.
Let true patriots arise and renew their claim.
In the home of the brave and the land of the free.

Let Americans recall the Framers’ dream—
Let’s build together that bountiful land we have sworn to love
Where never tyrants strive nor traitors scheme
Nor anyone need bow to those above.

O, let Americans stand for a pure land of Liberty
One marred with no false pride or gross pomposity,
Where opportunity shines bright enough for all to see,
And the air’s redolent with the scent of true Equality.

Rally the poorer White, incited, fooled and driven wild,
Rally the Black still stung and scarred from being slavery’s child.
Rally the Red from whom so much has been seized,
Rally the Yellow once into interment squeezed.
Rally the immigrants clutching fast to hope in desperate need—
Fighting bravely against the same callous, vicious plan
Of hate, fear, spite, and power crushing all who take a stand.

Rally the youth, all full of courage and hope,
Ensnared in that vast, far-reaching web
Of propaganda, plots and profiteering gain, of treacherous deed!
Of seized resources! Of grasping ploys to satisfy rapacious greed!
Of drive the men! Of steal the pay!
Of everything for one’s use and none for another’s need!

Rally the farmer, bound by depleted soil.
Rally, the worker, enthralled in corporate toil.
Rally the Black and Brown, estranged from the vaunted dream.
Rally the people, humble, hungry, of modest or meager means—
Struggling still today but fighting for their dreams.
Embattled even now—O, Patriots!
We are the ones who never got ahead of woe and fears,
The poor and struggling people battered and disregarded throughout so many years.

Yet we are the ones who bravely still dream the hallowed dream
In Olden Times where serfs then bowed to kings,
But dreamt a dream so bright, so brave, so true,
That evermore its mighty clarion rings anew
In all the stone and steel, in every channel done
To make America the land it must become.

We are children of those who sailed across the storm-tossed sea
In search of what might and ought to be—
All our forebears traveled from obscure and ominous climes,
They sailed in different ships at different times,
And arrived here from whatever strand they came
To make America and claim American as their cherished name.

Who among us now are the truly free?
The millions who lack any recourse or hope today?
The millions without food, shelter, or any say?
The millions who work for next to nothing; the millions with no pay?
Despite all the dreams we’ve dreamed
And all the songs we’ve sung
And all the soaring hopes we’ve held
And all the brave banners that we have flown and hung,
With so much lost there's almost nothing left to lose—
Of the many yet striving to be one
But the dream has never died nor will it while we rightly choose!

O, let Americans be Americans again—
The people who have as yet almost never been—
And still now must be—the ones to insist that we are all free.
The land we have is the land we make—
Through the truths we tell and the risks we take,
Through the struggles, stands, and pleas, protests, and pain,
Through anger’s roar and power’s strain,
We must learn to dream the invincible dream again.

Despite the rack, rage, and rampage of the plundering class,
Who rape and pillage through graft, stealth, and lies,
We, the People, must arise
We must recall the meaning of values once fervently cherished
We must reactivate the vision before 'we the people' have finally perished
And as Americans boldly, yet solemnly, reclaim
The promises, principles, purposes, leading the higher plain.
Where men, women, Black, Red, Brown, Yellow, and White—
All, come together to join and carry on the fight—
And as Americans finally and forevermore, indivisibly unite!

09 December, 2017

Open Letter to the Voters of Alabama

Roughly 146 years ago, on January 26, 1861, “the people of the State of Alabama in Convention assembled,” struck the words "Constitution of the United States” from the oath of office. They also absolved “all officers in this State … from the oath to support the Constitution of the United States.” With no appreciation of the incongruity, they also declared their intention to set up “a permanent Government upon the principles of the Constitution of the United States.”

Against all evidence and logic, “the people of the State of Alabama in Convention assembled,” seemed to believe one such principle was that citizenship pertained only to “every free white person” who had been born to a father or mother who was a citizen of Alabama. They also conferred citizenship on every person “who, by birth or naturalization, was a citizen of the United States of America, or of any slaveholding State.” People born “in a non-slaveholding State, were equivalent to people born in a foreign country. Finally, the “the people of the State of Alabama” explicitly provided that “in no case shall citizenship extend to any person who is not a free white person.”

At a campaign event earlier this year, an audience member asked Moore for his opinion on when the last time America was "great." Moore responded: "I think it was great at the time when families were united—even though we had slavery—they cared for one another…Our families were strong, our country had a direction." Moore essentially said that it’s possible to overlook America’s original sin. The time of slavery was the time of, in Moore's view, great things — at least in America’s culture, even though that culture included slavery — and that’s apparently his ideal to which the country should aspire.

It is vital to remember that during this time Black Americans had no families or even the possibility of family. Slave masters regularly tore Black families apart — and tortured Blacks — at the time. Slaves usually could not marry, because their marriages were legally considered void. This is why the practice of “jumping the broom” came to be.

So, Moore is echoing the outlook conveyed by the January 1861 Ordinance of Secession. By what twisted logic, can this flamboyant Neoconfederate be considered suited for office in the United States Senate? How can he claim to be a Constitutionalist when he had twice explicitly acted contrary to constitutional order and sympathizes with a document that “absolved “all officers in this State … from the oath to support the Constitution of the United States?”

Given that in August 2017 Moore has slammed: “America as a “focus of evil” and sympathized with Vladimir Putin in newly surfaced comments from a Guardian interview, saying of the Russian leader: “Maybe he’s more akin to me than I know,” how can he credibly contend he is patriotic? Moore is echoing Trump, who formally endorsed him. But he also repeats a deeper strain of pro-Russian sentiment in the socially conservative world. Pat Buchanan, for example, has argued that Putin is a natural ally of social conservatives in the United States due to his deep hostility toward homosexuality.

When one factors in that Moore faces credible accusations of pursuing and assaulting 14- to 18-year-old women while he was in his 30s, and sexually assaulting a 28-year-old woman, [Moore aggressively denied that accusation], how can any Alabaman of good will and genuine patriotism vote for this man? Moore and his supporters including the Pussy Grabber in-Chief have slandered his opponent. But epithets are not evidence, insults are not information, and attacks are not arguments.

    12 December 2017 will be another time that tries American souls. Will the voters of Alabama stand our country? Will they vote for America’s high, though imperfectly realized, ideals, or will they prove to be “summer soldiers and sunshine patriots?” Will they honor the pledge they repeatedly made as children of allegiance to one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all? Or will they vote for a person who thinks the last time America was great is when slavery was in full force and sees America now as a ‘focus of evil?’ Never has the patriotic and principled choice been more apparent.  America – where are you now?

26 November, 2017

These Knights

These Knights swear oaths to valor!
Their hearts know naught but honor!
Their sticks defend Las Vegas!
Their might uplifts their fans!
Their words speak only truth!
Their skill undoes their foes!

This poem is a celebration of the Las Vegas Golden Knights and their magnificent beginning!