19 May, 2018

Unchained Fervency

Oh, our Knights
Our heroes
We've hungered for your launch
A long, trying time

That time went by so slowly
And we had to do so much
Now you brilliantly shine!

We want the Cup
We need the Cup
Please bring the Cup to LV!

Fearsome struggles grow ceaselessly, relentlessly
With each series comes new heights of intensity
And, our fervor rises with cries, "This must be, this will be
The Cup is coming home to LV!

Oh, our Knights
Our heroes
We've hungered for your launch
A long, trying time

The time went by so slowly
And we had to do so much
Let your courage shine!

We want the Cup
We need the Cup
Please bring the Cup to LV!

Larry Conley

15 May, 2018

These Knights

These Knights are born to valor.
Their hearts know only excellence.
Their sticks defeat their antagonists.
Their skills sustain their quest.
Their words speak only commitment.
Their speed undoes their rivals.

Photo credit: http://thebookofagustin.com/NHL-Vegas-Golden-Knights

12 May, 2018

Fourteen Patriotic Precepts

Practice rather than preach. Make of your life an affirmation, defined by your ideals, not the negation of others. Dare to the level of your capability then go beyond to a higher level.
Alexander Haig

Principled American patriots believe:

1. Every person is born fully and equally human.

2. As human beings, all persons, by nature, have inherent and equal rights.

3. Humans create governments to respect, protect, and secure the natural rights shared by all.

4. Proper governance must ensure the full and equal protection of due process of law for all citizens.

5. The privileges, immunities, civil rights, and civil liberties of any American must rightfully extend to every American.

6. No official at any level of American governance may rightfully disparage, diminish, or damage the equal privileges, immunities, civil rights, and civil liberties of any American.

7. We will never make America a fully great place for anyone to live until we make it a genuinely good place for everybody to live.

8. Americans share a duty to preserve, protect, and defend our Constitution and conduct their civic lives in true and active allegiance to it.

9. Though no one American can do everything necessary realize all of America’s ideals, all Americans must do everything we can to help our nation live out the true meaning of its creed.

10. No American of age must be impaired or impeded in the exercise of their voting rights.

11. The just powers of governments throughout America come from the consent of the citizens.

12. Every American of age has a fundamental civic duty to exercise the franchise, and failure to do so is a dereliction of duty.

13. Americans who refuse to participate in the voting process corrode the social contract and fray the ties that bind America into one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

14. As Americans, we inherited a treasure trove of high and benign ideals. Honor binds all of us to defend these treasures resolutely and deploy them wisely for the benefit of our compatriots, our posterity, and our planet.  

Photo credit:  https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-96vnteHXjSE/WvckWsqxr0I/AAAAAAAAD1g/GHO0HoI0oWkQ6vLmWGSs-Zya1wc8e_kigCLcBGAs/s1600/HRC-Stand-Up.jpg

11 May, 2018

The First Time

On your own at the start of the season
Bright lights shined on the league’s latest move
Players thought about teams they had come from
And believed they all had much to prove

Beginnings always inspire dreamers
Spirits soar, and hopes abound
But it's hard to rise to the challenge
Especially the first time around

But the dreams we've dreamed lately
Aren’t going up in flame
It seems they’re turning out
More so with every game

So, get out on the iceway
And show us another sign
And take it to the limit
Now on the very first time

Don’t waste any time seeking payback
Invest all you can in the climb
If it all comes together tomorrow
How your pride and glory will shine!

And as you're fighting for your future
Though many don’t seem to care
So, you kick down the door
Breakthrough anyway and anywhere

You have so much to believe in
So, you keep coming back,
Goons and bullies can’t beat you
Or throw you off track

So, get out on the iceway
As you’ve done every time
And charge through every limit
Now, it’s all on the line

In the final parts of this struggle
No matter the score
Never give up on your brothers
 Keep fighting on even stronger than before

So, get out on the iceway
Finish this story with rhythm and rhyme
Take it to the limit
Win the Cup the very first time!

Photo credit - http://www.azquotes.com/quote/882846

08 May, 2018

“With Open Arms”

We asked plenty of questions
And you never lied
Now, despite the harsh disappointment  
We stand firmly by your side

We'll be forever grateful,
For your spirit and skill
Though it ended too soon
This season provided many a thrill

The Threepeat situation
Has happened four times before
And no previous team
Got beyond the Round-2 exit door

The Stanley Cup is a stern master
That poses hardships and harms
So, rest and heal in the summer
And, we’ll welcome you back with open arms

Let go of wounded pride
Recover from every physical pain
Then, recharge, renew, and return
To playing your beautiful game

Love and loyalty still stand
They’ll remain vibrant and strong
For although you’re down for a moment
 We know you won’t be for long

I have nothing but words
To take last night’s sting away
Please take them to heart
And return with vigor on Opening Day

Whatever fate throws at you
Hear this message above the blaring alarms
When you get back to the Burgh,
We'll all welcome you back “With Open Arms!

Photo Credit: http://www.thepinsta.com/434-best-images-about-pittsburgh-penguins-i-like-my-men_cLMj6OpWAXAURlltIhWhlufsjuhEze9BZBDBih2VkkILrLAYTADhfp8Fb9Jia2vKeCiI4Qgq49ntfgZFcg3dvQ/Xp1FLqzirWjSetDHU7tfY4d6MwT7Zqrmh9i98nTJYcnMCtTnAgyp9oxWEFtDJrFLp5yF0fmtNvN4GtQxxRsEsTFP90*fsNe6BDvjAgFXW2qoz7m2cabjodXyUizG3Wwv94IUG0tVr%7CfAik2Zg84r13%7C1IdyAz4RMqTkrJO1te8Q/

07 May, 2018

Game 6 - Penguins - Do or Die!

Got no good news to offer, nor magic words to say
For sure the spot we’re in now, can’t just be wished away
It's what we earned for playing less than a sixty-minute game
If we want to carry on, we can’t rely on our past fame
We got to change the way we’re doing what we do
And we’ll all need to get on board to make it through

It's do or die, we got to turn the trend around
It is no lie; we're wounded and, we're almost down
It's do or die; we got to learn and pull together
There’s no escape hatch here, no easy path to breaking clear
The stuff we need to do falls on the entire crew,
And can’t be done by just a few

There are no quick solutions; there’ll be no easy game
Waiting until the next one would be folly and a shame
Come on you Pittsburgh warriors, fight as you’ve never fought before
The way ahead looms before us, so let’s kick down the door
We got to raise our game and ferociously compete
And do whatever it takes until victory's complete

It's do or die, we got to turn the trend around
It is no lie, if we don’t we're going down
It's do or die; we got to learn and pull together
There’ll be no sorcery done to gain victory
There's just speed, skill, and bravery
To keep us rolling along the road to three

Photo Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/262194009526555742/

05 May, 2018

Champions Do Come Through!

Morning after morning another challenge comes up
In the next game that must be won
Nothing much has changed at all
But a lot remains to be done
Folks who doubt our quest for ‘threedom.’
Have never grasped what’s demonstrably true
 We’ve been down this path before, and
Champions do come through!

None can buy the spirit that fills our heart
No one has done what we’ve had to do
Pain and fatigue, we’ve conquered before
And we will beat them this time too
Everyone knows we've paid our dues
And we’ve deposited more than we’ve withdrawn
So in our quest for a third Stanley Cup
We will keep on keeping on

The only back-to-back under the salary cap
And the first since 1997-1998
We will not turn around
Because a three-peat will not wait
We’ll drive ourselves to enormous lengths
We’ll suck it up and dig truly deep
Although at times we may bend a bit
We’ve made a vow that we will keep

So, now we’ve come to a crucial time
Against a recurrent and familiar foe
The Capitals have tried to play rough
And now it’s their time to go
We’ll take them down in game five
And we’ll finish them off in game six
All the while, Tom Wilson will sit
He won’t get to play more dirty tricks

Some may worry we’ve lost something
Some may think another team’s time is due
But we know how to get it done, and
 Champions do come through!
We’ll keep on striding along the road
Showing skill, spirit and courage too
We will persist in playing the speed game, and
Champions do come through!

Photo credit: http://www.latimes.com/resizer/MkvcUJYrOFwB-GWwddlURu3ffUg=/1400x0/arc-anglerfish-arc2-prod-tronc.s3.amazonaws.com/public/FKKBD3HEYZHCHATMB3VVMOOL7Q.jpg
12:25 on 5 May 2018