07 October, 2011

“For Two Who Have Fallen”

In Honor of Steve Jobs and Fred Shuttlesworh

I stare at the screen;
I hold my breath.
Two authentic heroes have been taken by death.
As my mind reels and synapses fire in my brain

When I wonder, will we ever see their like again;
They gave us so much; they gave us their best.
I wrestle with loss; I struggle for breath;
For what we have just lost is hard to conceive.

That bugler so smooth; that thief in the night,
Has done it again and flaunted his might.
It is hard to fathom; it is hard to survive;
These two are dead when we need them alive.

Tears well up and seek to fall from my eyes;
I must not go down; I must stand; I must rise.
No matter how many times we lose such good men;
We must never falter; we must never fail; we must carry on clear to the end.

The reports and the comments flood into the air;
We must again prove we’ll care and we’ll dare.
Let us gather our strength and summon our resolve.
Not to mourn what we have lost, but to honor their lives.

Bless these two heroes;
One whose last name was Jobs and one whose last name end with Worth
Let us not forget what they gave us;
From the day of their birth right on through to their last moment on Earth

Comfort their families, comfort their friends;
Comfort a world and a nation that will not see them again.
Soon the bugles fall silent, yet the battle goes on
We owe it to them to do what needs done.

Let us vow to continue the struggle for truth;
Let us hold true to the path they have blazed.
Though different they were as two people could be;
They each in their own way set an example for you and for me.

Their examples are immortal and they stay with us still
They have shown us the way; they have roused our goodwill.
Never forget, though now they repose in the true endless sleep;
We’ll be judged in the end by the faith that we keep!

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