25 February, 2012

The Highest Patriotism

As Dr. King said in 1967, “We believe the highest patriotism demands the ending of the war and the opening of a bloodless war to final victory over racism and poverty.” Then, as it is now, ensuring that society works for ALL is the highest form of patriotism. This launched the "Poor People's Campaign." Unfortunately for us all, Dr. King was murdered just a year later and the march he hoped for never happened.

Some claim that they are patriots
While repeatedly choosing to ignore
The persistence of injustice and
The pervasiveness of war

Some say that they are patriots
And yet they never seem to see
The rich just getting richer
While millions drown in poverty

Some believe that they are patriots
And wave our founding writ
Before attacking women
In a war they’ll never quit

Some think that they are patriots
But never give a thought
To the principles they betray
By the fact that they are bought

Some pretend that they are patriots
Though they hardly act that way
They sell their souls for money
And never show dismay

Some truly know that they are patriots
And resolutely take a stand
For the achievement of equality
And justice throughout the land

Some prove that they are patriots
Those of the highest form
They rise to the enduring challenge
And fight against the gathering storm

Some show that they are patriots
And call for a genuinely just war
Against the scourge of racism
And an end to poverty from now till evermore

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