21 June, 2014

The Minuteman Game


Come all you flag-wavers; listen tight while I sing,
Ideological frenzy n is a terrible thing.
It banishes reason with the speed of a flame,
And it makes us all part of the Minuteman game.

My name is O'Reilly, and I’m often on screen.
My show is on Fox News, where I vent my spleen.
I spend all my life saying Obama’s to blame,
So I am recruiter for the Minuteman game.

This America of ours has been taken away.
We suffer so badly under a tyrant today.
Of course the liberals and the lefties are mainly to blame,
For threatening our guns and the Minuteman game.

I’ve told how Obama’s election was in no way fair,
I’ve questioned his credentials from the start on the air.
The truth I have twisted with glee and no shame,
To rile you up for your part in the Minuteman game.

It's been many years now I’ve blathered away,
With every canard and slander I could think of and say,
I've called killers heroes, and I urged more of the same,
To gin up the fury of the Minuteman game.

I don't mind a bit if you shoot down police,
They are really oppressors, not keepers of peace,
And yet at liars and scoundrels I never take  aim,
For they are the heart of the Minuteman game.

And now as you lie there, all riddled with holes,
You see I’m a charlatan who bargains in souls,
And you wish that your reason had recognized the frame,
Hung on you by we hucksters of the Minuteman game.

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