14 August, 2014

We Need a Revolution!


I say we need a revolution.
I say it’s time to change the world.
I say we can’t wait on evolution.
Right now - let our banner be unfurled.

Don’t talk to me about destruction.
You know the police brought all this about
We know they won’t do right.
I say it’s time we rise and fight.

We know there is a real solution
We know we have faced these goons before
Now is the time for revolution
So peaceful lads will be shot dead no more

I say we cannot timidly stand by. 
I say we must do all we can.
Now is the time for revolution. 
Now is the time to do or die. 

People with small minds just have to hate
I’m telling you now it's not too late
We will act to set this right.
We won’t be cowed by shows of might.

You know it is in the Constitution.
We truly have the right on our side.
You know bigotry is an institution.
I say, it’s time that institution died.

We will fight alongside our brothers.
And with our sisters make a stand.
This time we ain't going to let them fool us
Freedom must ring throughout the land.

Don’t you know we’re going to fight!
We are fighting for the right!
We will keep going day and night.
Until justice is done and things set right!

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