04 November, 2016



If one is at all attuned to American politics in November 2016, one will have heard the assertion - "I'm voting for change!" or some variation thereon. This statement is often as explanatory, but it is absurd.

No reasonable and sensible citizen hopes, or works, or votes "for change." People hope and work and vote for progress or, at the very least, improvement.

Ponder the picture and consider the poem which is an adaptation of the song Faithfully [https://youtu.be/naf5FQzCJ8Y] When the moment of truth comes on 8 November 2016, if you are contemplating voting for Donald J. Trump, remember this is not a game and it is not merely your own future that is at risk. Those of us who are parents and grandparents have an added burden, A ruined world and a fallen Republic are possible catastrophic consequences of a reckless or angry vote for change.

Desperate run
Toward the sinking sun.
Winds swirl around and round
Fear’s on my mind!
Ruptured hearts
Seize in terror and fright.
Sending truth and love
Into a death spiral.

It’s said this ruined road
Runs from living Hell to infamy
Fire rained down across border lines
Killing each and all who’re good and true
Livin’ and lovin' in a devastated land
Never was the way it was supposed to be
Oh, why would we fail and forfeit civility?
We’ll forever fail -

Vicious lies
From blamable guys
Too many citizens conned by clowns.
They missed the guile!
And all the while
They bought dreck.
Said: “What the heck!”
And let it all go in a nuclear glow

And facing the future part
Won't be easy with the world on fire
Strangers raging in a lust to win
May we find a way of rediscovering hope!
Oh, world, please do not let this be.
We must forever stop struggling -

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