26 April, 2011

My Country

"America is a glorious promise and a passionate ideal or it is a sham. America will not be the best place for any to live in until and unless we resolve to make it a good place for all to live in."

My country bears malice toward none
My country shows charity for the weak and the small
My country hopes that all will give some
My country gives thanks to those who gave all

My country strives to create true freedom from fear
My country seeks to be the real land of the free
My country welcomes many from far and from near
My country belongs to you and to me

My country is known as the home of the brave
My country’s flag waves and may it never fall
My country once housed both master and slave
My country must strive for justice for all

My country has colors of red, white and blue
My country was born in a fight for a theme
My country has made many mistakes it is true
My country will rise and realize the dream!

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