25 March, 2012

A Child Is Dead!

Breathes there a one with soul so dead

As never to oneself have said

No matter what excuses may be pled

A child is dead!

In a seemingly prosperous Florida town

A young black boy was wantonly gunned down

The police were summoned and quickly came

But the lad lay dead all the same.

Must we not all wonder why?

A happy, friendly child had to die.

He went to the store and was coming back

Then was slain for the crime of “walking while black”

For too long this has been the case

People hating people based on race.

Fathers mourn and mothers weep

Are our consciences asleep?

Before there is an irrepressible outcry

How many innocents must wrongfully die?

All citizens of good will must take a stand

And drive this viciousness from the land.

Now we all must raise our voice

See the options and make a choice

This is too much; we’ll take no more

We must act now and end this dreadful horror.

Let this recent murder be the last

Banish it to a terrible past

Let it never again be said

A child is dead!

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