02 March, 2012

We Hold These Truths

That each and all are endowed with true equality
With rights derived from nature not from society
That government is set up to secure these rights
And if government fails to do so, it often leads to fights.
For powers claimed by government to be the least bit just
The consent of the governed is an indispensable must.
That achieving a sound government is an endless chore
To do this takes our lives, our fortunes and perhaps even more
We, the people, are the ones who truly rule
If anyone thinks otherwise, then that one is a fool.
We must perfect our unity and ensure justice in the land
We must promote tranquility and well-being by working hand in hand.
In the face of danger, we must rally for a common defense
And secure the blessings of liberty in the truest sense.
Not to ourselves alone, but to those who are yet to come
Not just for a few, but for each and every one.
If we cannot stand firm and hold fast to the true,
Then, we will betray heroes of old and any born anew.
In two hundred-plus years of trying, we’ve had our share of flaws,
But still we keep on fighting for equal protection of the laws.
For this really is a matter of promises made and kept,
No matter what we’ve risked and lost or how bitterly we’ve wept.

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