09 August, 2016

Dao Is Never Done

Cosmos lays cloaked beneath apparent chaos; in all disorder abides a subtle order. All civilizations and all human beings, whatever their seeming cultural or conscious development, still harbor archaic remnants and tendencies beneath the stability and serenity. Just as the human body connects us with the mammals and displays numerous traits of shared evolutionary progress going back to at least the reptilian age, so human knowledge, understanding, wisdom, development, and culture are likewise products of evolution and vulnerable to devolution. The Dao is never done, and the story is never fully told while the world and life endure.

The way that can be named
is not the enduring way.
Dao is not the word; neither do our names
define nor limit us.
We, like truth, are not becoming;
we and truth are being!
Truth does not stop and start!
Truth streams and swirls.
The way of all truth
is the way for us all!
No one of us is what any one of us thinks.
No one of us is even what each of us thinks.
Neither is the whole truth or our full truth
what some say or what some call us.
Horrible slurs or noble honorifics
Hear all and heed none.
Neither the absolute truth
nor the fullness of our truths
are known or told until
time itself goes still!
DDJ Verse 1
R. Lawrence Conley

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