30 August, 2016

Larry Conley - Bio Poem


Lives in: Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, USA, planet Earth, Milky Way.

Who is: Liberal, Inquisitive, Genuine, and:

Wishes to: facilitate improvement wherever possible; fight for the right whenever necessary; stand up for justice whatever the risk.

Dreams of: America being, indivisible, as good as its ideals with liberty, equality, prosperity, and justice for all.

Wants to: fulfill the roles of husband, father, friend, and citizen optimally.

Wonders: why so many find it so hard to do the next right thing and the next ad infinitum.

Dreads: failing to rise to a challenge when it truly matters.

Likes: soccer, hockey, volleyball, women, Spanish, reading, movies, classic rock, flowers, forests, and waterfalls.

Believes: in Dao and Zen, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the premises and promises of the American Republic.

Loves: his wife, his sons, his shelties, his cats, his friends, learning, the Pittsburgh Penguins and FC Barcelona, the struggle to achieve a better world for all humankind and quite often the Democratic Party for its noble goals and frequently worthy efforts.

Plans: to live as well as he can,t for as long as he can, and do as much as he can to make the world a better place than he found it at birth.

Core Convictions:  The known is a drop; the unknown is an ocean. We do not know what fate awaits us. We only know we must be brave, and fortune favors the brave!

As the Dao which can be named is not the eternal Dao, so the self that can be described is not the absolute self, but I tried to the best of my abilities to candidly and comprehensively set forth my understanding of myself. 

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