09 May, 2017

Come Back Strong

When the play goes wrong, as it does at times,
When your tactics fail, and their pressure climbs,
When the minutes shrink and their points soar,
And you want to win but have yet to score.
When they are pressing you quite a bit,
Respond with your best, but never quit.

Hockey takes many twists and turns,
As every team eventually learns,
And many a streak can turn about,
So never give in. You must stick it out,
Don't relent though the odds seem long,
When knocked down, come back strong.

Too often competitors just give up,
When resolute efforts could capture Lord Stanley’s Cup,
And they learn too late when the curtain comes down,
How close they were to the victor’s crown,
So, despite frustration, fatigue, and pain,
Dig deep into your souls and come back again.

Victory is defeat completely turned around,
And it often comes to teams who rebound,
And you never know exactly how close you are,
Triumph may be near though it seems afar,
So, continue to battle no matter how hard the hit,
It's when all seems lost that you must refuse to quit.

Written after game six on Monday 08 May 2017to inspire the Penguins to valor and victory in game seven on Wednesday 10 May 2017!

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