03 May, 2017

Ruffians Must Not Prosper

Ruffians must not prosper.
Nor brutality succeed.
For if they do, the game we love,
Becomes a travesty indeed!

Hockey’s primarily a game of spirit, skill, and speed.
Malicious play and goons on skates are something to abhor.
And act against with fortitude,
Till it is banned forevermore. 

Though some may say “It’s physical” to explain it away,
The truth is that it’s a tactic and cynical to boot. 
For far too long the NHL has let this slide,
Now it’s time to take a stand and admit this is not “A hockey play!”.

When thuggery runs rampant on the ice,
The sport dies a lingering death.
When it besmirches the playoffs,
Hockey’s drawing a labored and ragged breath.

Rules need rewriting.
And officials must take the chance
To protect players, who at their best,
Exemplify hockey in its truest excellence!

I wrote this after the blatant mugging of Sidney Crosby by two Washington Capitals Players – one of them a former teammate. This malicious play exemplified Hockey at its worst, and the injury sidelined the player who personifies Hockey at its best. All in all, a low point for a wonderful sport.

Larry Conley
02 May 2017

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