16 May, 2017

The Card Not Played

At times the ultimate winning card
Is the one you never played.
Sometimes your most brilliant deal
Is the one you never made.

In sports, there are trading deadlines
Pressure rises as they come near
The best act from conviction.
The rest act out of fear!

In the Hockey town of Pittsburgh,
Two goalies stood in line.
One played often and superbly.
The other often rode the pine.

Then, on the brink of battle,
A cruel trick of fate was played.
And into the glaring spotlight
Flower strode out from the shade!

The “best teammate in sports.”
He’s called by one who would know.
Calmly the Flower went forth
His courage and true character to show.

When the history is reported,
Of how in the Penguins played,
On the role of Honor,
Will be the trade that wasn’t made!

Win or lose it is certain
Now that fourteen games are down,
If Lord Stanley’s Cup returns,
The Flower will deserve the victors' crown.

So, learn this valuable lesson,
And do not let it fade.
In life's ongoing gamble, the winning card,
Often proves to be the very one not played!

Larry Conley
16 May 2017
@ 19:43

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